The Outdoor Downtown

Project Overview

Denver Parks & Recreation and the Downtown Denver Partnership are collaborating to create an innovative Master Plan for Downtown  Denver’s outdoor spaces.  The 20-year plan will focus on investment in Downtown’s parks and public spaces to enhance the quality of life, and create a sustainable, vibrant downtown that is economically healthy and growing.  The master plan will serve as a supplement to the 2007 Downtown Area Plan and Denver Parks and Recreation’s GamePlan; and will assess and analyze recreational needs, programming, policies, operations and management, financing and future acquisition opportunities as part of an implementation strategy.

View a map of the study area and eight districts that compose the Downtown.

How to Get Involved

We want to hear from you to understand what you think about outdoor spaces in Downtown Denver. Input from residents, employees, business owners, visitors and students will help guide the development of this plan.

A public meeting was held October 13, 2015. The final public meeting will be January 26, 2016 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Commons on Champa at 1245 Champa Street. We welcome you to participate. Contact us at to find out more.

Background Statement

The City and County of Denver, in collaboration with the Downtown Denver Partnership, is officially kicking off a master planning effort - The Outdoor Downtown - to create a plan to make Denver the premier “livable outdoor downtown” by providing innovative, inviting and accessible parks and public spaces that contribute to a diverse, vibrant and economically thriving Downtown.

Vision Statement

Denver will be renowned throughout the world for the creation and implementation of our signature parks, special events, innovative use of public spaces, social gatherings and celebration of art, culture and heritage. We must continue to imagine and build a new sustainable future for our Downtown parks and public spaces through social, cultural and economic investments.

The Outdoor Downtown Plan will accomplish the following: